About Our Pottery

One of our best-selling products are Mexican Talavera. The designs of these striking ceramic pots, vessels and garden ornaments are rooted in the traditional style of 16th century Spain, but the vibrant colors and newer motifs give voice to the creative artisans of present-day Mexico. 

Pottery Express also represents and offers other artisan-made crafts from some of the most interesting contemporary studios in Mexico. Pineapples, Alebrijes and Katrina dolls are among some of the most unique crafts that are developing an enthusiastic demand here in the U.S.

Another popular category of pottery is imported from Vietnam. This pottery is handcrafted with clay from the Mekong River that produces the most durable garden pottery. Sun proof, frost proof, and heavy enough to stay put in storms makes this a beautiful and worry free addition to your garden.

Whatever your personal style or taste may be, Pottery Express is likely to have a unique focal piece to design a garden, entry or courtyard around. Let Pottery Express become your new best source for unique garden accessories. If you are interested in quality products at competitive prices to enhance your home, garden and lifestyle, then Pottery Express is the place for you.

Clumping Bamboo

Our farm offers many varieties of clumping bamboo with various looks to give you the Zen feel you’ve always wanted. The benefits of clumping bamboo include:

  1. Renewable Resource – Canes can be harvested and new ones are always growing in the spring and summer season. 
  2. Quick Growth – You do not have to wait an entire lifetime to have a good sized plant in your yard.
  3. Protection – Bamboo is as strong as steel and allows winds to blow through the canes without uproot or damage.
  4. Privacy – Density of many varieties creates total privacy from surrounding neighbors, use it as a hedge or strategic placement to block one spot in the yard.
  5. Clean Air – Bamboo is probably the most efficient plant when it comes to converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.
  6. Soothing Sounds – The swaying of the long canes creates a wind chime-like sound effect.
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